About Me

I am a wildlife & nature photographer from the South West of England I have always had an interest with the natural world, as a child I would spend all my spare time exploring and looking for various types of wildlife, such as pond dipping in search of frogs & newts, looking for slowworms in manure heaps and watching the vast numbers of butterflies we used to get on a large Buddleia bush at home.

I started wildlife photography in 2004, it seemed a natural progression from watching it. I really enjoy photographing the stunning nature our world has to offer. My first wildlife camera was a Panasonic bridge camera, after that the changes and upgrades came rapidly, always wanting to achieve better images. I am now extremely lucky to have Canon cameras and professional lenses. It is a great privilege being able to spend time with our wildlife and extremely rewarding being able to share these magic moments with others.

Living on the Somerset / Dorset border I have a great choice of some amazing and diverse wildlife areas to visit within an hour’s drive. The Somerset levels are amazing at any time of the year, at the RSPB reserve at Ham Wall it is now common place to see Bitterns, Marsh Harriers, Great White Egrets and lovely to hear all the Marsh Frogs. At Arne on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset there are all six reptile species along with a great selection of birds and a very good place to photograph Sika Deer. There are also the National Parks of Exmore & Dartmoor, a wildlife photographers dream location.

In capturing that moment, usually I have an idea of the image I want to create, I will research the time of year and best location then get to work. This could involve sitting in a hide with a long lens, or applying field craft to get as close as possible to the subject without disturbing it, there is also macro photography for our little creatures, in all cases I will carefully watch, wait and study its behaviour enabling me to hopefully capture some natural images.

In the UK we have a varied, interesting collection of creatures many often over looked, and due to our location an amazing variety of bird species. Photography in the UK can be extremely challenging at times, but very rewarding when it all comes together and you manage to get the shot you have been after.